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This is the home of the Beanfabrics project. We are creating a component framework for building Java desktop applications with the Presentation Model Pattern for Swing (and - still experimental - SWT).

Beanfabrics is open source, and it is distributed under the terms of the LGPL license.

Our Goal

Our goal is to accelerate the development process by increasing the number of reusable components and the level of maintainability of the application source code. We do this by introducing the presentation model and the presentation view as separate layers to the application architecture, and by providing a framework for creating reusable and extensible model and view components.

For more details please see the overview and the demo applications.

How to Start?

  • The Overview will give you a brief introduction to Beanfabrics and some small code snippets to demonstrate the main features.
  • The Tutorial will help you get started with Beanfabrics. It is an introduction for the complete newcomer to creating and running a simple application using Beanfabrics.
  • The Examples will give you more code snippets for various tasks.


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